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Stuart is the most experienced member of the team. His background is mostly in the selling of Hi-Fi which he has done for many years. This has given him the opportunity to enjoy a vast range of audio components. It is this that has made Stuart interested in and provided him with the necessary audio skills to produce loudspeakers. 

Within 3 Square Audio Stuart is responsible for the design and voicing of all speakers and listening tests.

Brian is the best looking member of the team! His background is in architecture, design and construction. He has had a life long interest in Hi-Fi and music and has always tinkered with equipment as a hobby. Brian's role is to manage the business and strategy, product design, materials and specification, generally make it happen and listening tests.

Doug has the honour of being the youngest in the team. He has a serious interest in all things musical plus a passion for wood. His background is in joinery and making anything out of wood and is well qualified to build our product range. Being the youngest he does all the work, gets no credit and is given endless flak, so is vital to our success.

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