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The Temple equipment rack
Birch ply support, Hi Fi rack, plywood rack, gyrodek, turntable support,
Base level                £325
Tier                           £460
Isolation plinth       £75 / £105

Truly classic design providing style and elegance to enhance your system's performance and appeal within your living space.

It has a fresh look and feel but still retains the elements of solidity, strength and most importantly has true sonic credentials by transferring and reducing energy through the Baltic Birch plywood.  


The Temple equipment support. Beautifully crafted in Baltic Birch plywood to your own dimensions, tier by tier.

The Temple provides superb stability and excellent isolation provided by the strength and dampening qualities inherent in natural ply products.

Your components need to be placed onto non resonating materials. Often some materials used, which at first are not suspected of resonating, do in fact, much more than expected. Glass, marble and all minerals and metals have a very poor self damping modulus and will allow vibrations to remain in, be amplified by and returned back to the component.

Wood is made of oriented fibres that conduct energy and reduce it when energy has to pass from one fibre to another. Better than solid wood, plywood can further reduce energy because of its thin cross layers that allow a superior flow and spreading of the energy. Pressed or powdered wood does not spread energy as efficiently due to the loss of fibres present in real wood.

The Temple is a modular design that starts with the base level, supplied with our bespoke M10 levelling spikes.

The next tier is easily located using metal dowels already installed.

Hi fi rack, hi fi support, birch ply rack, birch plywood rack
Birch plywood, hi fi isolation, hi fi rack, baltic plywood, audio support
birch plywood rack, hi fi support, hi fi rack, plywood rack
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