The Translator


2-way floor standing loudspeaker. The enclosure is rear ported and tuned to 36-37Hz. 

Mass loading is incorporated using cement and steel plate in a seperate chamber.

H 950 mm    W 198 mm   D 336 mm

Weight 28.5 Kg each 


HF driver is a SEAS 27mm Sonolex precoated fabric dome from the Prestige series.

LF driver is a SEAS 6,5 inch coated paper cone from the Prestige series.

All drivers wired in positive phase.

Crossover filters are 1st order on both HF and LF circuits.

Components wired point to point using silver solder.

Jantzen 4N air core 3% tollerance inductors.

ClarityCap 1% tollerance capacitors.

Mundorf M-resist Supreme 2% tollerance high power resistors.


Crossover point 2.6 KHz 


Speaker terminals support single wire, bi-wire and bi-amping using bare wire, spade or 4mm plugs 


In-room response typically 29Hz to 25Khz

Sensitivity 87dB 1watt/1 meter at 1KHz

Minimum impedance 7 ohms@ 150Hz


Recommended amplifier power 20 W - 150 W


Supplied accessories. 8 x M10 bespoke spikes with 8 x spike shoes. Spirit level and level adjustment rod. 4 x bespoke link wires with spade terminals.   


Th Translator cumulative spectral decay
1st order frequency response
Speaker step reponse
reflex port frequency response
1st order impedance plot
1st order crossover polar response, speaker polar response,
Translator rear port response