Outstanding music reproduction and pleasure achieved through the rare implementation of 1st order crossover filters for each driver, maintaining phase and time coherence.  

Bringing even more to the Translators performance are the super strength and rigidity of Baltic Birch plywood enclosures with steel and cement mass loading that impart teriffic dynamics and energy to the music.

The Translator Speaker

  • A speaker providing outstanding music reproduction. Using SEAS drive units filtered by HF and LF  first order crossovers. Ultra rigid Baltic birch plywood constructed cabinets. Mass loaded using steel and cement. Bespoke M10 spike levelling for precise rigid placement.


    Height 95 cm  Width 19.8 cm Depth 36cm

    Weight 28.5 Kg

    Ported enclosure is consructed from Baltic birch ply , braced at two points , mass loaded in base with steel plate and cement .  Enclosure is tuned to 38 Hz

    Crossover filters are First Order for each driver using 1% tollerance capacitors by CalrityCap , Mundorf ceramic resistors and Jantzen air core inductors .

    Crossover point 2.6 KHz

    Speaker terminal connections are bare wire , spade and 4mm plugs . Bi wire and bi amping are supported .

    Recommended amplifier power 30 W - 150 W  on unclipped programme                                                        



  • Beauty in sound reproduction and Baltic Birch plywood .