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music and emotions enhanced

The Translator speaker

Using 1st order crossover filters.

Maintaining phase and time in recorded music

'A microphone in reverse' could best describe a loudspeaker.

To replay, in time order, every transient event and change in air pressure that moved the microphone diaphragm.

The crossover filter in a loudspeaker is the first and most important element in preserving those events. It will control how and when each frequency and transient will pass to each drive unit, helping them to reconstruct the original recording.

1st order crossovers have the following unique properties to impart in music playback.

All frequencies pass through with the same time delay.

A phase difference is produced that is constant at all frequencies.

No amplitude or phase distortion, thus being transient perfect.

Have the slowest electrical roll-off, -6dB per octave.

Have the fewest reactive components, 1 inductor and 1 capacitor.

1st order filters are the only type capable of reconstructing the original waveform.

They are the foundation of our loudspeaker design

When using the Translator you will hear great detail, be able to visualise the performers, understand the solidity of image and focus on each element within the music. This is achieved, not through false dynamics or exaggerated frequencies, but subtle transient speed along with phase and time replayed coherently.   

Along with the incredible SEAS drive units and extra close tolerance crossover components we have designed and built the remarkable cabinet enclosure that impacts on the energy and dynamics you can hear and feel in the music. Made from Baltic Birch plywood, double braced, mass loaded with cement and steel and sitting on our bespoke levelling system with M10 aluminium spikes it has been designed to provide the greatest stability for the drive units.


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