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Having been in this crazy hobby of Hi Fi for the last 20 years or so you come across a product every now and again, that indeed deserves praise.


I received a message from Stuart via Facebook asking me if I would have a listen to his speakers, I always love listening to new gear and arranged to have a pair of their Translators dropped off at my house for an extended listening session.


My first impression was how well the cabinets are made, from the Baltic Birch plywood, and wife friendly too boot. I gave them a couple of days to settle into there new environment.


Stuart explained to me that he had developed a first order crossover for this model, I hooked them up to my Vitus amplifier and off we went through my known collection and favourite tracks, I suppose when we get anything new, we try and trip it up and pick holes in it, ( well I do anyway ) and I can safely say I struggled  to trip them up. 


I mainly listen to 80/90 and chill music ( no heavy rock here ) and was pleasantly surprised, they are warm and inviting and not fatiguing to listen to at all. I have had plenty of sets of speakers through my door and at this price point I am struggling to think of any that I have heard that are better ( to my ears anyway) as we all know music is very subjective, and what one person likes from a speaker, another may not. 


So all in all we need to stop being brand snobs and just listen to the music, which the Translator does very well.


Well done Stuart and the team.

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